Eyelid Rejuvenation (Blepharoplasty) and Peels

The eyelids, eyebrows and laugh lines are the areas which first show signs of aging. Rejuvenation of these
areas is increasingly sought after by the younger patient. Resurfacing with creams, peels, micro-dermabrasion and
laser can push back the years as well as maintaining a smooth, youthful glow.

Eyelid Surgery/Lifts
Lower eyelid bags worsened by allergies and sinusitis can be “melted” away utilizing small incisions inside the eyelids.  Fat taken from the stomach or waist injected into the grooves between the eyelid bags, nose and cheeks usually results
in long lasting if not permanent improvement and smoothing. Excessive skin and fat can be excised, eyebrows and the outer eyelids can be elevated through  inconspicuous incisions.
The position and shape of the eyebrows is very important. The feminine eyebrow sits above the orbital rim and arches. The point of highest arch is usually right above the outer rim. A higher arching brow is associated with a more youthful, attractive appearance. Drooping of the brow will cause the skin to droop onto the upper lid. These procedures take less than two hours, can be performed even with light sedation and local anesthesia. Minimal pain allows you to return to indoor activities quickly. Bruising and swelling typically lasting 12-14 days requires use of reflective or tinted lenses to return to the public eye sooner requires use of reflective or tinted lenses to return to the public eye sooner

Asian Double Fold Eyelid Surgery                                                                                                 The Asian eyelid is a unique condition.  Now that full upper lids are considered sexy and youthful the goal we seek to obtain is the creation of a fold in the upper eyelid resulting in a double eyelid.  Some patients may benefit from medial movement of the epicanthal fold.  This can expose more of the eye thereby making the eye appear wider.  The procedure is performed by removal of small amounts of fat and tissue over the eyelid cartilage.  Sutures are then placed from this cartilage to the muscle and dermis of the eyelid skin.  Minimal to small incisions in the eyelid crease are utilized for access to place the sutures.  More reliable results  and finer adjustments can be obtained with small incisions.  Bruising and swelling are typically minimal with return to full activities within days.

Eyelid/Facial Fat Injections                                                                                                        In patients with mild to moderate lower eyelid bags can be improved by filling the groove between the eyelid and nose/cheek.  Fat injections have the advantage of being your own tissue,  containing stem cells which stimulate new collagen synthesis and long-term correction.  Usually plentiful we use fat to fill malar (cheek) depressions, smile lines, to smooth lower jawline jowling and lips.  Facial fat injections are somewhat unpredictable in that 2/3 of patients do very well; the remainder of patients lose the fat.  Even so improvements in the quality and texture of the skin are evident. Fat grafting may be easily repeated.

Lasers,Peels and Dermabrasion                                                                                                 Lasers concentrate light energy by selectively applying heat to the various layers of skin stimulate collagen synthesis and contraction thereby smoothing, lightening and skin tightening.   The lower eyelids and cheeks are most improved.                                                                                                             Microdermabrasion performed by an experienced and talented aesthetician can even out discolorations and smooth fine lines.  You look better soon after finishing with a glowing smoother and mildly red skin.

The FraxelTM Laser burns minute holes in the skin leaving undamaged skin in between.  This reduces the amount of thermal injury and healing time.  Although this is the latest technology, results with fractionated lasers have been disappointing.  Therefor I like to incorporate a combination of superficial and deep Laser FX treatments to increase the amount of skin smoothing, tightening and to even out coloration.

Chemical Peels                                                                                                                                Various acid “peels” have been used for many years to rejuvenate, smooth and to even out skin discolorations.  TCA (Trichloro-Acetic  Acid) has been successfully used for many years as a medium strength peel for skin tightening, lightening and wrinkle reduction.  The peeled skin darkens for a few days then begins to flake or peel.  At five days new fresh, smooth skin is revealed. Typically the pink peeled skin returns to normal color in a few weeks.  Results and healing times depend on strength of application and individual skin response.  For further lightening Phenol can be added to the peel.

Micro-needling is an interesting alternative to Lasers and Peels.  Minute needles puncture superficial holes into the skin causing minimal trauma and bleeding.  The resultant healing stimulates new collagen formations, smoothing and tightening of the skin. With the addition of a lipid soluble Vitamin C gel results can be significant when applied regularly for 6-12 months.