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Dr. Cenedese is the director of the Institute Beaute des Arts, a fully accredited ambulatory Plastic Surgery Center in Manhattan. Here, patients find a combination of talent and science with a highly trained and compassionate staff, a warm comfortable environment and state of the art facilities. Our office manager has 19 years experience working for our patient’s benefit and safety. Surgical assistants and nurses have been hospital trained at academic teaching hospitals. They have further enhanced their experience with years of treating cosmetic surgical patients and procedures. Our anesthesiologists have more than 25 years of care giving to ambulatory surgery patients without major complications. They provide safe and pain free anesthesia to even the most anxious of patients. Here, we are able to tailor the level of anesthesia to your needs. Even with full anesthesia you can usually leave our facility within one to two hours.

Fat grafting, injectable fillers, minimal incision nasal, eyelid, breast and buttock surgery now allow us to sculpt body areas not previously imaginable. Yet the artistic eye and gentle touch are essential to obtaining the natural, enhanced appearance that makes plastic surgery such a gratifying experience.

Minimally invasive approaches in addition to careful attention to local anesthesia and patient’s emotional needs aid in dramatically reducing pain, scarring and recuperation time. It is this combination of talent and science with a highly trained and compassionate staff, and state of the art facilities that we are fortunate enough to offer our patients.

Our warm and comfortable office hosts an eclectic mix of antique pieces, works of art, stained glass, real wood floors, plants and subtle lighting all designed to see that patients are as comfortable as possible during their visit with us. We are situated on the ground floor facing magnificent central park, just steps from the Plaza Hotel and Fifth Avenue, and access and parking are convenient. Our state of the art accredited operating facilities keep our patients safe and respect their privacy. It is our goal to make your experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

We sincerely hope that you will visit or contact us to further discover how cosmetic and plastic surgery can be of benefit to you.

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