Avoiding Pitfalls in Plastic Surgery

Choosing Your Surgeon

A patient taught me this years ago while discussing another surgeon.  She said I feel that he is competant and capable but I do not feel secure that  he would help me much if something went wrong.  Undesireable results occur in at least 10% of cosmetic procedures;  some procedures such as breast lift/augmentation have revision rates over 20%. Undergoing multiple procedures simultaneously undesirable results and revision rates are additive often reaching 40-50%. You should feel comfortable that your surgeon can perform the procedure properly and have enough experience and good jugement to choose the right ones for you. Can and will he stand beside you if something goes wrong? Will the staff support you when you need help or you do not feel well?

In this era of high expectations and online reviews your expectations need to be realistic.  Good reviews are often solicited by practices; bad reviews may be written by self centered, unrealistic patients.  Before and after pictures display the best results. Ask to see medicocre results and complications. See results of treated complications. Surgery is a complicated, unpredicatable adventure.  You should feel comfortable with the honesty and reliability of your surgeon.  Most procedures in the right hands are not extremely complicated yet less than ideal results are not uncommon.  Discuss revision policies and associated expenses in advance.  This will more likely make your experience a positive one.


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